• Multiplayer Poker for Virtual Reality

    Available on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream
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Casino VR Poker is a multiplayer poker game for virtual reality. Read players’ body language or talk them into folding - now you can experience real-life poker wherever you are, whenever.

Casino VR Poker was conceived with a love for real-life poker and a hate for online poker. Online poker has become purely analytical, but in VR you can be completely immersed in a virtual casino. At the table, you can take advantage of a strong social presence of all players and use subtle psychological cues to your advantage.

What People Are Saying

  • "...The game worth trying. It has superb multiplayer real-time interaction between players using in-game avatars and voice chat..."

  • "...I love it, looks like you're in a real casino. I also the fact you're able to have conversation with others..."

  • "Have been playing online poker for a long time now... but this is far better than the others... the experience and the vr to it has given a better edge to it..."

  • "Great game and a lot of fun. Had an issue and support did a great job getting things back to normal."

  • "The best Getaway game to have fun, chill and learn how to play serious poker... I love it!! "

  • "If i could do 6 stars I would. Outside of being at the casino it gets no better. great community and visually amazing! Oh god it's so good I can't put it down, someone help me please ..."

  • "Anybody who likes to play Texas hold'em will enjoy the game. I can attest that this game is very addicting, but it could be improved."

  • "Update: the glitches were fixed pretty quickly. Thank you, and I updated in another spot. The game really is quite fun, and I like that when you run out of chips they give you more for free."

  • "Best VR game so far"